P. Taabbel & Co. A/S

Producer of convenience seafood

Taabbel - a modern seafood business - based in Hanstholm,

The company´s basic strategy has always been to keep all production in Denmark with danish labor and in accordance with local quality demand, the danish fresh fish being the raw material. The plant is therefore situated where the principal fisheries has the best conditions.

Taabbel was founded in 1896 in Thisted, when production was based on the the large stock of fish in the local fjord. In 1940 the company re-located to Skagen with the local shrimp and scampi fishery as the primary base.

In 1967 the Port of Hanstholm was inaugurated and Taabbel established itself in Hanstholm in the same year, foreseeing the future of the danish fish supply.
This move was indeed sustainable, since the Port of Hanstholm today is Denmark´s by far largest fishing port.

A natural extension of this strategy is that we in the production process ensures that the raw material quality is maintained in our finished products, to continue innovative product development and finally that we offer our employees an optimal work environment.

The quality of our products is ensured by all processes from raw material to the finished product are supported by the latest technology - including freezing - and controlled by our modern laboratory, manned by three laboratory staff.

Product development is carried out in our own kitchen, by a team of employees with a professional chef in charge, often in close cooperation with our customers. This work has a strong emphasis on local taste because the quality and accessibility are matters of course.

The working environment is carried out by the Safety Committee and a Liason Committee in cooperation with production management, with outside assistance as needed.

In addition, employees are offered more soft values as kindergarten and creche operated in cooperation with the company, aswell as a Society for retired employees.

As evident from the website, the company has an extensive range of products, mainly based on seafood.